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quilt fiasco update

An update to my post from earlier this week about my show quily with the bleed-out.

The pictures are via iPhone, for convience, but so not the greatest.

Here is the before on Friday:

Basically that wholw side of thw quilt was pink. You can also see why applique or something wouldn't work with the style of the quilt and why the pink had to go.

I tried OxyClean, color catcher washing sheets, several other things to spot remove. None of them did a thing. And so I dove in to use the synthrapol, though I was incredibly nervous.

I made a test sandwich and tried to recreate the bleed but oddly could not. What are the odds of that? But ran a bunch of tests with it anyway and with a strip of excess width I cut off the quilt. Those went okay, so I went for it.

It definitely did some work right away, but took several baths and rinses to get to almost white. After that and a day in the sun, here we are:

In the right light, the border has a pink tinge, but I don't think it will be terribly noticeable to anyone who doesn't know.

Once I manage to finish the thing, I'm goin to give it at least one more bath and then block it and leave it in the sun as much as possible the next two days.

Unfortunately my bad luck continues though, as my machine will not free-motion without skipping stitches. With the pink panic, I forgot that it started doing that on Thursday. That's why the border isn't finished! So close and so far! Tomorrow involves two hours of driving to get to a machine that i know works for about 20 minutes of sewing. Sheesh.

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