meguey (meguey) wrote in quilt_nerds,

What counts as a UFO?

My local guild is having an Un-Finished Objects Challenge this year: List all your outstanding work, broken down into steps if needed. For each step completed, you get a star. For each increment of 5 stars, you get that % off your next purchase at our host shop. The person with the most stars at the end of the year gets a gift certificate.

So I'm wondering, what counts as an Un-Finished Object? Clearly, the tops count, and so do the block sets, and the things rolled up on various design walls. What about fabric that's been bundled with it's pattern for three years and I still want to make it? What about that stack of fabric that was originally bought for a specific quilt, but I'm not sure I like the pattern anymore? Does fabric I bought thinking 'oh, those go nicely together' count? I sure hope having bought a pattern and thought idly about what colors to make it doesn't count. I'm not going to count it, anyway! What do you consider a UFO?
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