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Intro post-

Hi! *waves*

I've been quilting for years, but gave it up for a while. I recently got back into it when my friend informed me that she was pregnant and now I'm making a Mario themed quilt for her baby girl.

(Yes. We are THAT dorky.....Well, really, she is, because I'm not a gamer, but YOU SHOULD SEE MY BOOK COLLECTION....So what I lose from my geekiness for not being a gamer, I quickly pick back up in being a bibliophile, lol)

The Pattern I drew out in order to make the quilt-Obviously, it's gonna be a Princess Peach quilt...


And the beginning of the quilt-Sorry, I wasn't smart enough to take a picture on a solid white background like I should have!
Tags: baby quilts, kids' quilts, posting photos
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