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quilt_nerds's Journal

Slaves to the Needle
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Is this community for you? Take the quiz!

1. When you press down on your gas pedal while driving, do you automatically reach to lower your quilting foot?

2. Do you search out fabric stores wherever you go on vacation?

3. Are there enough pins in your carpet to sink a dory?

4. Do you dream about stroking your greedy little fingers over a long, sturdy... bolt of cotton?

5. Does your mouth literally water when you look at other people's finished quilts?

6. Do you take more pride in your scant 1/4-inch seam than you do in your family, home, or career?

7. Have you ever called in sick or cancelled a date to work on a quilt?

8. Have you ever started more than one quilting project in a 24-hour period?

9. Would you rather have new fabric than new shoes?

10. When you see a real looker wearing a crisp cotton shirt, do you want to just tear it off their body and... cut it into 4" blocks?

Mmhm. You belong.

This is a community for quilters and quilters-to-be. You need not be an expert to post here - no uppityness allowed. Try to be nice to one another, please and thank you!

I hope that the focus of this community will be on sharing ideas, plans, patterns, photos of our work, and just general boasting. It would be great if you posted at least a minor description of what you created and how you did it so that we can all benefit from reading your posts.

I will make a huge effort to keep tags updated, to make posts easy to keep track of. If you post in the community, a username tag will be created just for you, so that people can find your specific posts within the community. It's not because we're crazy stalkers or anything - this is just so if you remember that a certain user made a post ages ago that you'd like to see again, it can be more easily found by using their username tag. And, you can also use it find all of your own posts in the community, if you'd like to boost your ego by checking out all of your finished projects at once. Bonus!

New to the community? Go here to fill out the intro poll!

Please do not make posts in this community for the sole purpose of selling your work. There are other communities on Livejournal for that purpose. Make sure that your goal is simply to be a show-off, and to share your great ideas. You may post a link to your personal journal where you have your selling information, but please do not post it all here.

Please post no more than one photo without an LJ-cut, for the benefit of users with dial-up. All other photos should be behind an LJ-cut (you can learn how to do a cut by clicking here). Please adjust the size of your photos so that they don't appear HUGE on the community page. (If you're not sure if your photos are too large, you can make a private post in your personal journal as a test). All of this being said, we LOVE photos! So don't be shy - strut your stuff.

Contact me, Sara, at grammardog@livejournal.com with any questions or comments about the community.