Carrie (carrieb) wrote in quilt_nerds,

Ticker Tape Quilts

I just learned about ticker tape quilts yesterday (Flickr Group) and now I want to make one! Wants wants wants!

I still haven't figured out what to do for a gift for my cousin and her baby (they have everything money could possibly buy and I don't have much quilting time b/c of my own baby and bad back). Now I'm thinking a super simple split rail toddler quilt (baby is more of a toddler b/c she is adopted), a baby doll and a baby doll ticker tape quilt with lots of scraps from the bigger quilt, plus a bunch more. I just hope that would be special enough. I guess that's where I'm hung up. I want it to be special, but I don't know how to make something special enough with my limited time/bad back. I guess I have a pinched nerve or something. I've sought treatment, but nothing seems to help other than not sitting in a hard chair and not packing around a 25 pound baby all day.

I'm very excited about this idea! Now to find some perfect fabrics. . . yummmy fabrics. . . shopping. . . oh yes. . . excited.

Have you made a ticker tape quilt? I'd love to see pics/hear advice.
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So, the edges on the patches are left unfinished / raw? Sorry, these are new to me too so hopefully someone will be able to answer these questions :)
That's what it looks like. I am not exactly sure if they are decorative or usable, though from what I read it sounds like they look better as they age. I am really hoping someone else will come by and tell us!
I have not made one, but now I think I have to!
It seems the edges are left unfinished. This is kind of what happens in a rag quilt, where the edges are raw and so they become fuzzier with each wash of the piece. The stitching should keep it from unraveling altogether.

And I personally think a personally-made quilt present is plenty special, regardless of the pattern.
A gal in the quilt guild that I went to showed one off, she had done a shorter stitch for the ticker part. So when it "frayed" it didn't fall apart. She also used linen. Here is the gals flicker photo.

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